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Bed bugs are a hard pest to get rid of. We’re devoted to aiding our clients in getting rid of these annoying bugs. Our extermination process makes getting rid of these bugs quick, easy, and painless.

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We take pride in doing our absolute best at all times. To hold to this standard we always stay current on the most effective treatments and solutions in the industry for any pest problem you may encounter.

The vast majority of our clients want to know where these could have arrived from and the answer is a lot of places, such as:


  • Motels
  • Aircraft
  • Used Household Furniture/Items
  • Movie Cinemas
  • Fitness center
  • Public transport
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

It could be tough to establish exactly where a person’s bugs came from, but our exterminators are here to help you with treatment regardless. Many times, people don’t have much success at eliminating them without the help of a qualified pest technician that has experience treating them.

Because it doesn’t take long for them to start reproducing and increasing in numbers, we encourage you to call us at the very first sign of a potential outbreak or even if you’ve only found one up to now. We carry out a definite process to handle bed bugs and for managing these cases which we’ll explain somewhat more here before you contact us.

A Broader Scope of Bed Bug Life

You may have already done some basic research of your own for diagnosing the pest you have but if not, we’re here to help. Bed bugs are rather small pests measuring a mere four to five millimeters in length. Their tiny bodies are an oval shape and are flat; unless one just finished a meal in which case they will elongate in shape. They are most often a brown color but sometimes you’ll see one that is more red in color, and that’s because it just finished a meal so you’re seeing the ‘blood’ it just consumed.

Females can lay anywhere from just one or up to five eggs in a single day and up to 500 eggs in their lifetime.

Their Blood Meals

Bed bugs only need blood for meals. Unfortunately, they don’t have to have a lot of it to stick around in an area. They could still be alive after a year without a blood meal. They feed on you at night while you sleep so this is the only time they typically emerge from hiding. That said, it can be helpful when doing your own inspection to do it at night when they’re most active. Because they are the size of an apple seed, it doesn’t take much for them to find the perfect hiding spot but it typically includes any small cracks or fractures close to, in or around the bed, including:

• Electrical Outlets (inside and behind)

• Wall Decor (picture frames, clocks, etc.)

• Curtains

• Bedding (check creases of pillow cases and all bedding)

• Bed Frame (including any small holes or cracks possibly existing in the frame)

• Mattresses (they prefer the crevices of your mattresses; both mattress and box springs)

• Nearby Furniture (nightstands, dressers, chair, rocker, etc.)


We provide inspections to verify that they are in fact present and the actual pest you’re noticing or are suspicious of. In addition, if it isn’t this particular pest, we’ll be able to tell you so you can select the appropriate treatment. Due to the fact they are little pests and not easy to track down, it’s better to have an experienced pest expert inspect for you.

How Does Our Process Work?

Plan of Action Determined

As soon as we’ve inspected the home we will determine the most effective solution for your situation. Our expert will talk with you about the options available and what they recommend according to their inspection, always taking your preferences into consideration. We fully understand people are particular regarding the health of their family and themselves, not to mention any pets, so you can be comforted in the fact that all of our treatments are safe.

Treatment Begins

Once you’ve agreed on the treatment plan we recommend, we can begin to treat them. Having said that, we can’t make this happen with just one visit or treatment. It commonly requires numerous (2-4) based on the severity of the contamination.

We can follow up periodically, as often as you prefer, to ensure they are still gone and haven’t returned, at your request. When doing so we can also notify you of any potential issues from other pests.

Signs of Lively Bed Bugs

There are definitely quite the number of warning signs which would confirm active ones on your property. These typically are:

  • Seeing the actual small pests with your own eye.
  • Skin casings that were left behind at one point.
  • Feces left behind which is typically dark blood spots of either blood or fecal matter.
  • Getting bitten during the night is a sign of them, but could also be a sign of other pests, including fleas.

We will provide an inspection to help you avoid paying for treatments you don’t actually need.


Reliable, Effective Solutions

If you are anxious to finally know for sure if they are causing your current issues, just get in touch with us here. We will discuss the procedure and take time to answer any questions you may have. If you aren’t 100% positive of what bugs may be the actual trigger for the the issue, schedule an inspection with us so we can ensure you receive the appropriate treatment the first time.

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