Ant Control

Are you seeing an unusual quantity of ants in or around your home? If you have attempted unsuccessfully to remove them on your own, we are right here to assist you and achieve the relief you want.

Ants & Entry Points

Managing them can be rather tough which you are most likely familiar with if you have ever experienced this issue. Fortunately, all it normally requires is identifying the kind of ant so you’re able to effectively treat it; not every treatment will work for all types of ants.

You are most likely attempting to determine exactly where or just how they are getting inside your home, but they do not require a very big space to get through; any little cracks throughout the house are possible access points. Ants then go in looking for greasy or sweet food that are typically in one’s cabinets or pantry.

Understanding Their Trails

If you were unaware, ants leave scent trails as they wander, leaving behind an unnoticeable chemical that permits others to follow the path as well. After they locate a source of food they’ll find their way back and the others can find their trail to the source of food.

Nests & Colonies

They are not too picky concerning exactly where their nest is, as long as it can’t be easily interrupted.

Colonies will usually have around 300,000 ants, if not more, in just one colony. When they feel threatened they quickly and effortlessly relocate. Worker types can survive as long as 7 years and queens can survive as much as 15 years.

Greenwood, Indiana Ant Solutions

If they are invading your area you’ve likely been using an over-the-counter solution. Or maybe you have taken a more ‘natural’ approach to combating the unwanted pests. Unfortunately, these do not always work. Instead, they’re only eliminating the ones you are noticing, and not targeting the nest still hidden close by. In addition, some products only deal with certain kinds of ants. Therefire, using the incorrect solution you likely will not achieve the results you hoped for.

We’re ready to provide the complete relief you deserve from the unwanted, intrusive ants and other pests. Just call our Greenwood pest experts to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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