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Flies can carry and leave behind bacteria that puts your family’s health at risk; call (317) 886-1034 today if you need relief from the flies.

There are more than 15,000 species of flies in North America. The type of fly you are dealing with will determine its life span which can vary from a week to 60 days, if not longer. Either way, more than just a few minutes of a pestering fly is typically too long for most people.

Flies are a common pest everywhere across the world with the exception of the polar ice caps; still not quite a preferable or adequate need to live there. Flies can easily become an invasive pest when allowed to continue thriving because it only requires one pair of flies to produce an excess of 1 million offspring. Sound worse yet? It only takes a matter of weeks for this to happen.

Informative Facts about Flies

Flies can also carry unwanted pathogens because their bodies are covered in micro-organisms plus their gut has much more.
Flies will walk and land among any surface, especially those with rotting or decomposing trash (even feces) and in turn they quickly spread illness.

Flies do not constantly fly because they have just the two wings. So every time they land, you do not see the thousands of bacteria that are quite possibly left. So if they were to land on your flatware or food, they could likely cause major health problem for those in contact with the polluted surface area or item. Diarrhea, meningitis and food poisoning are simply some of the feasible diseases contracted from this kind of contamination. Our fly control Greenwood technicians are ready to answer your questions regarding the flies in your home and to help you determine the best course of action to follow.

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