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If mosquitoes are becoming a hazardous pest on your property, call (317) 886-1034 to speak with our professionals!

Mosquitoes lead to more deaths than any other pest. If you combine this with the fact that the types of mosquitoes found in Greenwood are becoming acclimating to breeding in urban areas then you can see why we’re concerned. Our mosquito exterminators in Greenwood take great responsibility when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones protected from unwanted pests.

While exterminators can have a significant impact the number of mosquitoes in a specific area, it is not possible to provide complete removal of mosquitoes. With our mosquito control services, it is our goal to decrease the mosquitoes in your area by about 80%. We realize that our clients would like to get rid of their mosquito problems completely, but that’s just not something that a pest control company can do.

After you call one of our Greenwood mosquito exterminators we will come out to inspect the area near the bite site. During the inspection we will work to identify the species of mosquito and their breeding spot.

The goal is to control the mosquito population at the adult, as well as the larva stage. Even if you aren’t getting bit and they don’t seem to pose a large risk, we can help reduce the numbers so you’re not left with a worse problem in the immediate future. Call (317) 886-1034 today to learn more about our mosquito control Greenwood pest solutions!

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