Stink Bug Control

If you’re not very familiar with stink bugs, you aren’t alone. Many people may have heard of them, but don’t necessarily know what they look like so there is a chance you’ve seen one before and just not known it was a stink bug.

Stink Bugs have mouth-parts created for piercing and sucking and straight antennae. Identifying a stink bug is simplest by recognizing their distinctive shape. It’s similar to a shield. The majority feed upon plants and can be green or brownish in color.

Such as the marmorated stink bug with a unique brown coloring and shield-like body shape ranging from 12 to 17 mm long. This particular kind will have lighter colored bands on their antennae and dark bands on their front wings.

Female stink bugs, usually, will certainly lay about 20 to 30 offspring on a host plant throughout the summertime season. It just requires 4 to five days for the young to hatch out and the nymphs will require food right away. By autumn they will certainly develop into adults after enduring a lot of molts.

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Greenwood Stink Bugs

Stink bugs delight in consuming fruits and veggies, such as peaches, soybeans and tomatoes. If you have an outdoor garden you’ll likely come across damage to your vegetables if an invasion takes place. The stink bug makes use of its mouth region to cut the food so it can consume the meal. It will continue to feed till complete and then merely stroll away, many times causing the still-growing fruit or vegetable to be left with a mark.

Concerned You Might Have Stink Bugs?

You will certainly understand when you have an infestation of stink bugs should you begin discovering them everywhere come fall. Stink bugs usually hang out on the exterior of a home because the sunshine makes it hotter. Must you observe stink bugs in your backyard garden, be advised that there’s likely a lot more close-by that you have yet to see.

Prevent & Control Stink Bugs

Using preventative methods before you discover an issue is suggested, however not always an ideal choice for everyone. Keeping the stink bugs out is done about the same way managing to keep any minor pest out is done.

  • Examine windows and doors for fractures; seal with caulk.
  • Inspect the screens on vents and windows for rips or deterioration; fix as required.
  • Install weather stripping and restore any current damaged stripping.
  • The crawl space and attic vents must also be screened to stop parasite entry.

Bed Bug Specialists for Greenwood; Your Stink Bug Specialists

Safeguarding your home from these bugs is much easier than dealing with an invasion once they’ve settled inside. These specific Greenwood insects do not need any food during winter while hiding as well as don’t reproduce throughout this time. Many times, when noticed inside the house, it’s during the chillier months and they are generally seeking warmth. Otherwise, you won’t discover them till springtime arrives and it starts to heat up outside.

When the stink bugs are starting to be way too much to deal with it’s time to contact the professionals to come take care of the problem. Contact Bed Bug Specialists for Greenwood today at (317) 886-1034 and we will explain more details on our stink bug solutions and arrange an appointment. Even if you don’t have a stink bug issue, we encourage you to call and see about our preventative/servicing pest strategies.

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